Over the last seventeen years, Eric has implemented software packages for companies in Retail, Financial Services, Restaurants, Media, Not-For-Profit Institutions, Public Sector and Energy.  His primary areas of expertise include General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets, Cash Book, Project Accounting, Accounts Receivable, Billing, Grant Management, Currency and Report Writer. Eric has recently completed two INFOR 10 upgrades as the financial resource on the Velocity team.
So you have been hearing about Infor 10 and now it is here. What does this mean for you as a functional end user?  I know what you are saying to yourself: 
  • We have done upgrades before but there are never any functional changes.  
  • Didn’t we just go through this process?    
  • That upgrade was a lot of work, and I am still not sure what we’re seeing from it.
I have been implementing Lawson for a long time and have heard it all.  I’ve actually had similar thoughts.  I am a financial guy and in the past I started thinking “Well I guess financials are financials and they work, so maybe that is why those enhancements I have been requesting have not been coming.”
Times are changing.  To illustrate, consider the following:
  • Lawson is now Infor.
  • Infor versions now start with two digits instead of one (Infor 10).
  • Infor is adding some really cool new features to the system.
Let me lay out some of the cool new features for you.  Remember, I am a finance guy, so pardon my bias if I stick with the finance side.
Suppress headers on GL292 and GL293: In my mind, this is the best Infor enhancement to date.  Does anyone use the standard Balance sheet and Income statement?  If so, it is probably a small percentage because the parameter for suppressing zeroes does not suppress the headers and totals when the details have zeroes.  This is now corrected in 10.0.5.  Now when you run the GL292 and GL293 with suppress zero parameter as “Y” the report truly does suppress all related records that are zero including the headers and totals.  This will greatly reduce the size of reports.  I believe this will allow companies to start using the standard reports instead of creating balance sheets and income statements in Report Writer or a third party tool like Crystal Reports.  Please create a new version of the report and try it out.  I can promise that you will approve of the enhancements.
GL165 Transaction Interface allows multiple run groups: What will this help with, you ask?  Many companies use GL165 to upload journal entries, but this can be a time consuming process depending on how users name the run groups. Users will now be able to enter up to 12 run groups on the parameter page of the interface program.  As a result, it takes fewer runs of the GL165 to update the records.  
Rolling warning/error messages:  Infor now displays a cumulative list of all action taken/warning messages at the bottom of the screen during the user session. The messages are kept in a rolling log, and users can review past actions and warnings during the session.
Internet browser support: As the internet is changing, Infor is adapting and allowing users to decide which browser they want to use to access their Infor software.  Google Chrome is now supported on Mac and Windows platforms.  Internet Explorer 11 is now supported as well.
Ability to cancel CB payments: Do you have the need to cancel a released CB payment?  Well, you could not do it before Infor 10.  Now you can.  Use CB57 to inquire about the release cash book payment records and cancel the payment.  Cancel a CB payment without the need to process a full AP check cycle.  What a monumental enhancement.  Address an issue in the module that the record was created in. 
Smart Reports:  What is a smart report?  I believe that a “smart report” is one that can be run easily and is also available as board quality presentation.  Lawson’s Smart Reports work on ALL Lawson standard reports and allow users to configure the report output for a specific presentation look and feel. This feature allows reports to be modified by adding pictures, logos, aligning data, deleting columns or rows and even underlining.  Smart Reports is available for all Infor customers on maintenance at no additional charge.
There are many more enhancements that have been added for versions 10.0.0 through 10.0.5, but I wanted to provide you with insight on some of the features that I am excited about.  You can find more information on Infor upgrade features here on the Infor site.