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Leverage Cloud Software Services on your terms and take control of your cloud applications.

As the largest and most experienced pure-play cloud applications provider, Velocity understands that, when it comes to cloud-hosted applications, CIOs’ greatest fear is losing visibility and control.


Velocity Cloud Application Management Platform (VCAMP)

Today our proprietary Velocity Cloud Application Management Platform (VCAMP), Powered by Zoom™analytics, is leading the race to simplify and centralize control of business-critical applications as companies move their workloads to the cloud.

VCAMP: Capabilities & Benefits

By licensing and promoting VCAMP, your organization gains dramatic IT and competitive benefits, strengthens business relationships, and positions your brand as a technology thought leader. VCAMP capabilities benefits include:

  • Flexibility: Deploy your applications on any cloud — Public, Private or Hybrid — without fear of vendor lock-in

  • Control: Manage your application’s cloud behavior based on policy definitions. Software-defined services driven by your selection from a service catalog

  • Efficiency: Your applications provisioned in minutes, seamlessly add services based on simple policy definitions

  • Analytics: Actionable insights across applications, cloud platforms and infrastructure — enabling smart decision making for your business

  • Visibility: Comprehensive management system with real time access to all your entitlements and consumption metrics 


Now organizations of all sizes can license VCAMP under their brand to provide the flexibility, control and agility they need to maximize efficiency of their enterprise applications in private, public or hybrid clouds.

  • Organizations choosing to license VCAMP not only benefit from its powerful analytics and optimization capabilities, but the increased operational efficiency and transparency can dramatically improve business interactions and outcomes among VCAMP-powered companies and agencies.  
  • Licensed customers may create an exciting new profit center by promoting VCAMP under their brand to partners, customers, vendors, and suppliers.
  • Powered by Velocity Zoom®, IT leadership can examine transaction performance from the enterprise level all the way down to the user experience; monitor trends in application performance; and compare statistics to the aggregate of Velocity’s customer community.

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